We are focused on providing professional plumbing and heating emergency service for commercial buildings in Edmonton and surrounding area. Whether you run a business that operates 9-to-5 or operate around-the-clock, HVAC failures typically need to be addressed immediately. Points West Mechanical Service Division is fully equipped to respond to both HVAC and plumbing emergencies as required.

Points West offers emergency mechanical services 24/7. We have dedicated service technicians that are able to quickly respond at all ends of the city. They’ll quickly respond, assess the situation, and where possible solve it on the spot or provide short-term fixes until a more permanent solution can be provided. All throughout, have full respect for your property and deliver the highest level of professionalism.

24/7 Heating Repair - Edmonton and area

While HVAC issues during summer can be serious, we are especially aware of the issues that loss of heat can bring during Alberta’s cold winter months.  A significant  business disruption or damage can be caused due to burst water pipes or sprinkler systems. 

Equally important to fast-response is being able to have a monitored setup. Points West can provide monitoring systems that send alerts when  indoor temperatures drop below a set threshold.  We follow up with a phone call and a response team. 

Alongside monitoring, we can provide regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance checkups to ensure running order of equipment. Thermal UV checks can help determine areas of concern.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Emergency 

Points West has a commercial department that can handle your commercial plumbing needs. From clogged drains, running new sewer lines, or installing tankless heaters, we are equipped to address many situations. With experienced estimators, project managers and field crew, you can count on Points West to apply considerable care and expertise on any size of job. 

Specializing in Plumbing and heating emergency calls Including:

  • No heat calls

  • Hot water issues

  • Boiler repair and troubleshooting

  • Sewer back up

  • Commercial Kitchen plumbing emergencies

  • Leaking water lines or drainage

  • Hydronic Heat

We always send our best as our technicians are trained and certified. We take pride in the quality of our work and operate stocked service vehicles.

Image: Raymond Block - Whyte Ave, Edmonton | Architect: Dialog